New acquisition for MBF Aluminium


IMG_0700-1European specialists in high pressure die-casting, machining and assembling of aluminium parts MBF Aluminium goes towards a verticalization with the acquisition of “Affinage d’Aluminium Prémery SAS”. With that acquisition the company gives itself the opportunity to buy directly part of the need of its raw material with the entry in CMV Aluminium Group by the aluminium refiner Affinage d’Aluminium Prémery SAS (ex SNR / Sobral). Affinage d’Aluminium Prémery can rely on an aluminum refining equipment set up in 2005 and regularly upgraded. Based at Prémery (Nievre, France), the plant currently produces 500 tonnes each month of ingots compliant with the most stringent European standards. These ingots are primarily intended for manufacturing parts for the automotive industry, specialty MBF Aluminium.IMG_0888-1

The checks carried out continuously on the production by the integrated laboratory ensure consistent quality of these alloys. But all aspects are taken into account, including the environment, safety and working conditions. Production facilities are largely automated. Robotic palletizing ingots contributes to the improvement of working conditions. Also key player in environmental protection, Affinage d’Aluminium Prémery contributes to the reintegration into the economy of waste that are treated with the most sophisticated techniques.