New sealed open center power chucks type BP


FOTO3_SMW-AutoblokSMW-Autoblok designed and realized the new line of BP chucks. The BP chucks maintain the same basic features as all other “proofline” chucks, in addition to this the specific features of the BP chucks are same through hole as the standard (non-sealed) open center chucks type BH, perfect connection to the cylinders type VNK having the same through hole,body designed for high rigidity for reduced distortion during clamping and rotation, ring wedge with wedge-hook connected  to the central part of the master jaws to have the longest master jaw guide in the chuck body to maximize rigidity, no centrifugal force compensation, but allowing high speed thanks to the light master jaws, serrated master jaws version BP-D (inch serration) or BP-M (metric serration) with great flexibility thank to the possibility to clamp small parts (shafts and bars) with collet pads mounted on the central part of the master jaws and to chuck large parts (flanges) with top jaws mounted traditionally, tongue and groove version BP-C for even higher speeds thanks to the lighter master jaws.

The BP chucks brings all the advantages of the sealed chucks in  “proofline” series also to the open center standard chucks, allowing also standard machines for general use to finally use a modern work-holding system.