New products from Mate Precision Tooling


mate-precision-toolingMate showcases new products: SuperMax™ tool coating, CleanBend™ Forming  Technology, “Bevel Tang Style” Press Brake Tooling and 1Micron Optics for fiber lasers.

Mate’s new SuperMax™ is a proprietary, next generation coating specifically formulated for punch press tooling. SuperMax outperforms currently available premium coatings by 2 to 8 times, depending on the application. Applied using the latest nano-layer technology, SuperMax’s harder, denser film greatly increases wear resistance and has a much lower friction coefficient. Lower friction means less heat build-up, less galling and longer tool life. SuperMax works in a wide range of materials including aluminum, cold rolled, galvanized and stainless steels, vinyl coated and fiberglass.

New Mate’s “Bevel Tang Style” press brake tooling for use in newer Amada style press brakes. Enabling faster and safer tool changes, Bevel Tang Style press brake tooling features a punch tang geometry that is compatible with punch clamping systems requiring a beveled receiving surface.

Mate’s new CleanBend forming technology for press brakes enables high quality sheet metal forming. CleanBend is designed for a wide range of applications including: bending short flanges; bending a flange to a diagonal sharp or across existing holes; bending delicate or polished materials, including plastic coverings and much more. Using rotating supports, the process mimics a folding operation with minimal to no marking of the sheet metal.

Mate continues to expand its laser accessory offerings with the introduction of 1 Micron Optics for fiber lasers. Approved for use in leading brand fiber lasers, these fused silica lenses and mirrors are the best performing optics with superior coating and low absorption.