New MHSL – Middle Hard Spiral Left launched by Yamawa


Yamawa_MHSLYamawa launches on the market the MHSL – Middle Hard Spiral Left: a new tap for through hole on medium-hardness steels, such as carbon steels and alloy steels. The main application of this new toll is the mass production , in particular in the automotive sector, in which several components – e.g. wheel hub – require this type of tap.

MHSL are characterized by an extremely long tool life, thanks to the combination of three factors: the taps are made of high speed steel with high percentage of cobalt (HSS/Co) which enables high wear resistance, the AlCrN coating and the number of flutes, designed to offer an optimal balance between tool-life, cutting torque, chip control and larger room for better chip ejection.

In a left helix geometry, specific for through holes, the grooves in the lead are designed with a double profile, granting an outstanding chip control and reducing to the minimum the risk of tool breakage. Furthermore, flute geometry and the AlCrN coating with special post-coating treatment enable an excellent finishing quality of the  thread. MHSL taps allow cutting speed of 15~30 m/min on synchro-rigid machines, reaching the best performances at 15~20 m/min.

Also for this range, the Japanese manufacturer Yamawa focused on the aspect that for more than 90 years characterizes its philosophy: Quality. All efforts have been dedicated to offer always the highest quality standards in the critical phase of threading, during which machining mistakes can be paid at a very high cost, and has chosen to reduce the cost per thread by granting longer tool life.