New machine tool efficiency and reliability by Elettra


Elettra srl, company on the market since 1987, proposes the electronic retrofit, offering excellent values in terms of efficiency and reliability in machine tools. When the mechanical structure allows for it, the retrofit is the least expensive, convenient choice for renewing and modernising machinery, increasing its life, recovering its efficiency and effectively overcoming the gap between mechanical and electronic components. Retrofitting operations in fact add new technologies or functionality to machine tools otherwise at risk of becoming obsolete.

By installing, replacing or upgrading numerical controls, electrical panels, measuring systems and on-board systems, Elettra offers the possibility of modernising those machine tools in need of improved performance and functionality or which must undergo regulatory adjustment. Elettra stands out for its extreme versatility and its ability to offer customised projects according to the specific needs of customers. Another privilege that the company offers is its expertise in various sectors, allowing users to install all the major brands of numerical controls by the leading national and international manufacturers. After each request for retrofitting, Elettra’s specialised technicians evaluate customers’ needs and offer the most suitable and economically advantageous solution, making sure it is also will cause the least impact on the production process including in terms of machine stoppage.