New products

New insulating lining for aluminum furnaces


INSURAL is a new multi-part and high insulating lining for aluminum furnaces, introduced by Foseco, the foundry division of Vesuvius, London. The product is delivered ready to install and provides a high longevity. Installation of a new INSURAL lining can be done in 3 to 4 days with no ongoing hydrogen issues.


Through the low wettability of INSURAL, the furnace cavity is easy to clean and the liquid metal is protected against unwanted impurities. In addition, due to the dry installation no sintering process is necessary and the good insulation properties lead to energy savings up to 17 %. Additional benefits are the extreme low build-up of Corundum, due to the absence of joints, resistance to cracking in the area of the heating tubes and simple removal when relining is required.

Additionally Foseco also offer INSURAL dosing tubes, INSURAL or Clay Graphite filling funnels, ISOPRIME protection tubes for the heating elements, EKATHERM thermo element protection tubes and ZYAROCK launders for insulation and prevention of Oxide build-up.