New impulses at MSV 2015 industry meeting


imagesThe 2015 edition of traditional industry meeting MSV is going to be accompanied by special projects focusing on environmental technologies, transport and logistics. Cities and regions will begin to offer industrial sites and property at MSV. But the biggest news is the main theme of this year’s edition, Industry 4.0, i.e. an automated and integrated industry, which will be the next development stage of industrial production.

The first industrial revolution of the 18th engine, the second is characterized by the onset of mass production and the third features the use of electronic systems and information technology. The upcoming fourth industrial revolution, according to experts, brings intelligent communication of industrial facilities across the supply and production chain, allowing far greater automation, but also tailoring of production and will lead to productivity growth. The Industry 4.0 Challenge was first mentioned in Germany several years ago. This new method of production should be based on the use of key advanced technologies, such as 3D printing, which has been given intense attention at the Brno MSV already in the last two years. This year, the presentations of innovative technologies will be even more intense and in cooperation with the Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce a conference on 4.0 Industry with leading specialists on advanced technologies and their implementation into production will be held here.

But there are more news. For the first time, the MSV complex will host the International Fair of Environmental Protection Technology ENVITECH. The issue of industrial cleaning and reducing environmental burdens in industrial operations was present at MSV also in the past with a dedicated specialized unit, environmental technology. The importance of green technologies, however, continues to grow and this year will therefore be underlined by the separate ENVITECH exhibition with a nomenclature that also includes wastewater treatment, waste management and recycling or disposal of old environmental burdens.

In odd-numbered years, it is a tradition at MSV to highlight transport and logistics sectors, and this year will be no different. After four years, the specialized exhibition Transport and Logistics returns to the Exhibition Centre; in 2011 there were 129 companies from 12 countries that took part, the proportion of foreign exhibitors reached 38%. The Transport and Logistics Fair in Brno will take place for the seventh time and highest participation is again expected in the fields of handling, assembly machines and equipment and storage technology.

The structure of MSV 2015 itself remains, the trade fair is again divided into nine sectors, with a whole new specialized section, Industrial Zones and Regional Development. Especially cities and regions can use this opportunity to present their industrial businesses development programmes, technology parks, unused properties and sites for construction. The partner of this section and the accompanying seminar on the same topic will be CzechInvest.

The central theme of MSV 2015 remains: the Automation project – a presentation of measurement, control, automation and control technology across all disciplines. The
century is associated with the invention of the steam project will also be very attractive to visitors with its Robotic Park, which will showcase the latest industrial robots able to work with people. The accompanying programme will again
accentuate the topic of Digital Factory.

At the same time, the highlighting of foreign partners continues and the Special Focus Country of MSV 2015 will be South Korea. For the first time in history, approximately 15 South Korean companies will come to exhibit in Brno and the possibilities for cooperation between the two industrialized countries will be discussed in the accompanying programme.

Another very interesting premiere event, the Reverse Exhibition, will be organized by the Japanese government agency for promotion of trade and investment JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization). A one-day exhibition of products where their Japanese producers are looking for suppliers among Czech firms will be an excellent opportunity to establish business relations.

The MSV, Transport and Logistics and ENVITECH trade fairs will take place from 14 to 18 September 2015. The organizers want to build on the successful last year, which was attended by 1636 exhibiting companies, among them 944 (57.7%) were from abroad.