Discovery the potential of electric vehicles


downloadOver 480,000 Electric Vehicles are going to be sold in 2015 with Europe and China projected as growth markets to watch out this year. Furthermore, the total EVs are likely to reach 10 million units by 2020 globally. With the automotive industry exploring magnetless traction motor solutions, potential of AC induction motors will be explored.  The Asian automakers are taking the fuel cell market to the next level by introducing competitive models which not only compete with electric vehicles but also with conventional vehicles.

Emission regulations especially in Europe and North America have made vehicle manufacturers produce fuel efficient and low emission cars. The fuel economy pursuit will bank unprecedentedly on efforts in advanced gasoline engine technologies and power train light weighting, with the application of composite materials on a strength-on-demand approach.

“Vehicle manufacturers are not just under pressure to adopt green cars, but also need to find the right powertrain technology mix to bring down the fleet emission average,” says Frost & Sullivan Programme Manager, Anjan Hemanth Kumar. “Passenger car industry is pursuing advanced engine technologies such as downsizing, boosting, cylinder deactivation, advanced injection technologies and exhaust after treatment technologies. It is hard to find the right combination. On the other hand, electrification is a major trend witnessed globally from micro hybrids to battery and fuel cell vehicles.”