More and more performing and flexible


State-of-the-art Omlat electrospindles become more and more performing and able to machine various material typologies in highly flexible way. The HSK-A63 EVO model, for instance, features all the three technical characteristics that are usually demanded to Omlat by machine tool manufacturers and their users: high 100 kW power, high torque, in the order of 100 Nm, and high machining speed, up to a maximum of 30,000 rpm. All that in a small-size spindle. HSK-A63 EVO allows performing several machining operations, even highly different one another, such as roughing, heavy stock removal or precision finishing. Therefore, it can use a broad range of tools.  This model is a base product, from which it is possible to start to develop together with customers the most suitable solution for their production needs.