Meusburger’s devices for surface finishing


Meusburger_Spannen_von_FormeinsaetzenFollowing customer requests,  leading manufacturer in the field of standard parts Meusburger, is launching a new range of devices for surface finishing, comprising of micro motor systems, ultrasonic polishers, flexible shaft units and numerous air tools with accessories. Just like the new hydraulic cylinders, these devices are in stock and available from Meusburger as of Fakuma 2014. Micro motor systems for any kind of application The Meusburger micro motor system impresses through various brushless motors and high-grade handpieces for any kind of application. The stroke length of the Premium polisher attachment is adjustable which enables optimal polishing.

For the machining of complex contours, Meusburger provides two different ultrasonic systems. The premium product has an output power of 45 watts and ensures perfect material removal during surface finishing using various tools. The standard product has an output power of 36 watts and is ideal for working with ceramic fibre stones.

The flexible shaft system from Meusburger impresses through its powerful hanging motor and perfectly adapted components. The various types of handpieces and control units enable effortless work. Flexible shafts are available with an expanding ring or a Duplex spring.

Meusburger’s range of air tools includes high-grade straight grinders, turbine grinders, angle grinders and air files. For filigree work, Meusburger provides air files with a stroke length of between 0.15 to 1.22 mm. The assortment also includes air preparation units, hoses and couplings which enable easy connection of the devices.