Meusburger celebrates 50 years of business


meusburgerThe worldwide manufacturer in the field of standard parts for tool and mould making is celebrating an its 50-year-anniversary. Meusburger’s customers benefit from the decades of experience the company has in working with steel. Continuing investments in enlarging the facilities, expansion of the product ranges and a targeted sales policy have generated a huge increase in Meusburger’s turnover, year after year. In 1999, the annual turnover totalled approx. 28 million euros, whereas in 2013 it was more than 160 million euros.

After five years of apprenticeship and travel (1957-1962) throughout America, the toolmaker Georg
Meusburger returned to Austria and established in 1964 a one-man-business in Dornbirn. “Back then I had the idea of establishing a small handicraft business in the field of tool making – with approximately 7 or 8 employees”, remembers the founder of the company. Business was good, new employees were hired; it could have gone on like this. But after 14 years of business, Georg Meusburger restructured the company fundamentally. The businessman had the right “nose” for the market and specialized in quickly accessible and precision-machined mould tools. Because of this trendsetting step and thanks to the strong demand, the business activities soon expanded to cover the whole of Europe.meusburger-products-history

In these 50 years, Meusburger has grown constantly. In 1980, only two years after the restructuring, the company with its then 35 employees moved to Wolfurt, where it continues to enjoy top business conditions. Its facilities have constantly been adapted to the growing business activity and in the years that followed, continuous investments in the expansion of the premises have been made.

In 2007 Meusburger set a new course for the future. The family business transferred the management of a sustainable company to the next generation – at the age of 35, M.Eng. (University of Applied Sciences) Guntram Meusburger assumed the management of Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG. This transfer had been planned for a long time. Guntram Meusburger had been working in the company since 1999, when he concluded his Business Studies. He additionally took the university-entrance diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The young businessman assumed the management of the company having clear objectives. Georg Meusburger has stayed within the company and continues to support even today with his professional know-how.

meusburger-productsIn 2010, the punching tools sector was activated by introducing innovative Meusburger products. Starting in 2011, products for workshop equipment were added to the existing product range. In 2013, Meusburger launched a separate catalogue ’Workshop Equipment for Tool and Mould Making’, thus becoming the reliable partner who provides its customers with both standard parts and products for workshop equipment and allows them to save time and money by reducing their number of suppliers.