Lockout/Tagout to prevent maintenance related accidents


With a lockout/tagout programme, industries can prevent a great number of maintenance relatedLink360-Procedure_mr.jpg_ico500
accidents from happening. While Lockout/Tagout is very successful, it does require intense preparation to implement. Based on worldwide experience, Brady can help implement best practice lockout/tagout programmes.

Machine specific procedures
One of the biggest challenges in implementing Lockout/Tagout is writing machine-specific procedures that ensure the isolation of the complete energy supply to a specific machine. These procedures need to be complete and understandable and will require internal discussion, approval and communication to employees involved. Brady can send engineers to your workplace to write machine-specific procedure proposals for your evaluation. While writing machine specific lockout procedures based on best practices, Brady engineers will identify all energy supply points to make sure no energy can reach machines under maintenance.

Procedure approval
Once machine-specific procedures have been written that ensure machine isolation from any energy supply, these procedures often follow an approval process by internal stakeholders. Brady proposes the LINK360 software to easily introduce, approve or edit, scale and communicate Lockout/Tagout machine-specific procedures. With the award-winning LINK360 software, a safety procedure roll-out in multiple sites across country borders, has never been easier.

Using a tablet or Smartphone on site, energy point and machine pictures can be uploaded in LINK360 for use in the procedure communication, supporting your maintenance professionals to quickly find energy points that need to be locked out.

Brady also provides training modules for maintenance professionals and all stakeholders involved. While affected maintenance professionals may need hands-on training, other employees must be made aware of the safety procedures to follow and the importance of operational Lockout/Tagout devices to ensure no one attempts removal out of procedure.

Optimised Lockout/Tagout tools
Based on approved machine-specific procedures, Brady can suggest which Lockout/Tagout hardware is needed to successfully increase maintenance safety. Padlocks and key-systems are available for most industrial contexts, and lockout devices can be selected based on the energy supply points identified in your facilities. The machine-specific procedures provide great insight in what is needed and allow for the efficient purchase and use of Lockout/Tagout hardware.

A successful safety investment
Lockout/Tagout has proven very successful and has prevented injuries connected with maintenance such as fractures, lacerations, amputations, burns and shocks in industries all over the world. The procedure involves the isolation and inoperability of the energy supply to industrial machinery during maintenance.