Laser-quality flattening for all materials


fig.novastilmecNovastilmec implements flatteners able to operate in single or synchronized modality, suitable for processing different material typologies.  they assure a high plasticization rate of the material to grant a high quality level of the finished product.

Novastilmec offers a broad range of flatteners for big thicknesses up to 30mm on a maximum width of 2500mm. Unlike common straighteners for strips, Novastilmec flatteners grant the complete “cross-bow” removal, the balancing of residual internal stresses and they do not modify the surface quality of the band iron. The high stress during the flattening process is shown by thrust forces that stress the structure with loads of several hundred tons and specific pressures on machining rolls that reach the limits of the materials used today. In fact, the stresses inside the strip substrate are caused by trapped stresses oriented towards all directions simultaneously. If the flattening is correctly executed, these internal stresses are aligned in a similar direction and they will mutually balance, in competition one against the other. In the opposite case, these forces appear as torsion and they emerge when small parts are separated from the master strip by punching, cutting or forming. Therefore, to improve the finished product quality, they often introduce inside the line a second electronically synchronized flattener.

The two machines operate in multi-levelling modality on the strip, granting the attainment of the utmost possible plastic deformation to obtain a lying sheet ready for the subsequent processes (laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet and welding.). Rigid and compact flatteners grant high laser-quality flattening on all kinds of materials.