Laminations for electric motors


Sitem SpA, founded in 1974, is an important European manufacturer of stamped and annealed electrical laminations. The company’s aims have been extremely clear from the start: respond to customers’ needs as dynamically and precisely as possible. This has led continuously to considerable investment towards increasing production, efficiency and quality. Sitem has a large catalogue of products and services, including electrical steel lamination stamping for electric motors and transformers, aluminium die-casting for rotors used in electric motors, lamination annealing heat treatment, design and construction of tungsten carbide tools for electrical lamination stamping, laser cutting of carbon steel or other materials reaching thickness up to 100mm and. Sitem produces a wide range of laminations for electric motors between 0,09 kW and 2000 kW, transformers and alternators. The production process, followed by technologically advanced machinery, is constantly monitored, from the acceptance of raw materials, until the mode of packing and shipping. The slicing of magnetic sheets includes MEC Series and the IEC, dedicated to the northern European market. This has led to ISO 9001 certification in 1994 and ISO 14001. Sitem produces also a wide range of magnetic sheets for electric motors, with power ratings ranging from 0.09 kW to 200 kW.