Korean Institute of Science and Technology developed a new kind of resin


KIST_LogoKorea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) recently announced the development of a highly heat-resistant and high-strength resin based on chemical graphene oxide processing and mixing with universal epoxy. The new material is expected to contribute to the production of aircraft and rockets lighter in weight.

An epoxy resin is a material that stabilizes the structures of carbon composite materials. At present, various types of epoxy resins are required for a wider use of carbon composite materials.

The institute found out at this time that multiple amine groups present around graphene oxides are bonded with epoxy resins to result in a number of cross-linked bonds and a 240% improvement in cross-linking density.

Its research is particularly characterized by the achievement of a high level of thermal resistance based on the addition of a graphene oxide derivative to a universal and cheap epoxy resin. “We have obtained source technology required for high-performance epoxy resin synthesis design and this will be a boon to domestic research activities regarding carbon fiber, epoxy resin and many more,” the institute explained.

Details of the research are available on the December 16, 2015 edition of the Polymer Chemistry, a world-renowned polymer science journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.