Joint venture agreement between Laviosa ChimicaMineraria Spa (LCM) and Zhejiang Hongyu New Materials Co. Ltd. (HY)


???????????????????????????????Laviosa ChimicaMineraria Spa (LCM) inked a joint venture agreement with Zhejiang Hongyu New Materials Co. Ltd. (HY), in which LCM will have a 5% stake.

HY, is a leader in the production of Organoclay in Cina, with office and a production plat in the industrial area of the city of Si’an, in the Zhejiang  province; about 200 km from Shanghai.

In addition to the joint venture, another two important trade agreements were signed. The company strategy is to consolidate its global market presence for Organoclay, where  LCM is one of the big players.

LCM will significantly increase its logistics network through these agreements and have the chance to develop or consolidate its position in the Asian market as well as the Middle East, Africa and South America and also have the opportunity to extend its portfolio of products.