India, the next 3rd largest auto maker in the world


auto-mafct-imageBy 2020 Indian automotive industry is expected to achieve 7 million vehicles: after reaching that milestone India will become the third-largest auto manufacturer in the world, behind the US and China.

Commenting on the development, Ford Motor Private Ltd, President and MD, David Dubensky said that, the automotive sector has a direct bearing on the economy with a near 7 per cent contribution to the GDP, playing an important role in the development of other crucial sectors as well.

Addressing the students at the graduation function of the Kumaraguru College of Technology, David said India is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and as the country moves towards this milestone, the opportunities to build a career in the automotive sector are tremendous. Dubensky said by working together as one global team over the last 110 years, Ford been able to fully leverage the resources around the world. “We are building great products, creating strong business, and contributing to a better world”, David said. Advising students to be open, flexible and willing to learn, even if the lesson is a hard one, Dubensky said, “Bring people together, and work together, for something bigger than yourself.”