In foundry paying attention to the environment


foto1Garmetal is a foundry for the die-casting of Aluminium and Zama, operating on the market since 1969 in the sectors of the automotive and motorcycle, pneumatics, electronics, industrial machines, furniture, building, sports articles, collecting and instruments. It is equipped with a machine fleet with hot and cold chamber presses and it relies on an aluminium casting department with melting furnace with automated control. All presses are controlled by S.S.P. and Inject Control System, which assesses all set injection parameters in real time and are integrated into fully automated working isles. For finishing operations, it is equipped with shotblasting and vibration department, with drying in furnace; it collaborates with external companies for machining operations and surface treatments. Besides, the company relies on an Environmental Management system certified according to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 regulations.