A new challenge in the copper market


Selema, Italian engineering company operating in the sector of aluminium working machines, makes great strides to offer its know-how also to the copper machining sector. It was so born SPN600, a plant that allows perfectly stretching the foil (with thickness included between 6 and 200 microns), completely eliminating its bends without damaging the mechanical and electrical characteristics of copper. A detail that proves essential especially in electrical applications, where very precise tolerances are requested. SPN600 can intervene in the intermediate machining to facilitate the following ones – for instance before cutting or rolling – as well as in final machining. Besides, it allows recovering the copper foil by 100%thus solving the problem of the material waste during the furnace annealing. Compact and suitable for machining very subtle sheets, this plant can be configured to be integrated into painting and degreasing lines or into slitters, wherever criticalities of the copper foil arouse or high product quality is requested. Due to its characteristics, SPN600 is very suitable also for perfectly flattening the foil, before its insertion through painting rolls.