Multi-axis systems for any customer requirement


foto4Tecno center  multi-axis systems can be adapted to any customer requirement. The company has a complete range of linear modules and portal systems made with high performance load bearing section bars, operated with a rack rail, cogged belt, recirculating ball screws, and linear motor. There is also a rapid modular construction system with section bars in aluminium alloy with more than 120 draw plates and line accessories. Technical expertise and cutting-edge solutions are the essential ingredients for the success of our products. We offer targeted solutions for all requirements:

– Preliminary design and feasibility study with 3D design
– Dimensioning of components and full transmission, including gear unit and servomotor
– Cyclogram analysis
– Supplied complete with accessories
– Support during the assembly phase and after-sales service
– Service Testing at customer with 3D measurement system “Laser Tracker”.

Tecno center product lines can be incorporated into all sectors:
– Systems and machinery to produce domestic appliances
– Packaging
– Automotive
– Tool machines
– Systems and machinery for painting / flat glass industry /plastic materials
– Systems and machinery for wood processing / door and window frames
– Building product industry
– Systems and machinery for electronics

On our website you will find detailed info, tabs and photos of our multi-axis systems in the “Systems” section. Linear axis, press to press module, shuttle, cantilever, are some of the products  available in this section. The broad range of products, long lenght configurations, repeatability precision, load and performance capabilities make these flexible solutions suitable in all fields of industry, from food to biomedicine. These sliding systems work on roller or recirculating ball slideways. Transmission is a belt or rack or screw which can be used in a mixed system in the same application.