Hermle c400: entry level without compromise


foto4_Hermle CThe C400 represents the entry-level model in the Hermle C series offering a configuration that covers the needs in various applications for many industrial compartments in 3 and 5 axes machining where greatest accuracy, smallest tolerances and best surface qualities are required.

The X-Y-Z traverse paths of the C400 are 850/750/500 mm, while the NC-swiveling rotary table features Ø650×540 mm surface for table loads up to 600 kg with a rotating range of +91°/-139°. Customers can choose between two spindle drives with speeds of 15000 (SK40) or 18000 rpm (HSK A63) with up to 20 kW of power and torques up to 180 Nm. The space-saving, ring-shaped tool magazine integrated into the machine-body features space for 38 tools with SK40 or HSK A63 holder. Additional magazines are optionally available.