Handheld infrared thermometer Raynger® 3i Plus for high-temperature applications


rayatekRThe Raynger 3i Plus 1M and 2M models measure infrared radiation in the shortwave spectrum (1 μm and 1.6 μm) and provide high precision ( +/- 0.5%, 1 °C). Thanks to the superior resolution of 250:1, critical plant
parts and products can be reliably monitored from longer distances. For exact aiming, the measurement spot
is highlighted with two laser beams. Moreover, even red hot objects can now be easily targeted by means of
a new “Red Dot” scope sighting function (patent pending). Additionally, the use of a “Red Nose”
heat-resistant warning detector and alarm reduces the risk of the sensor overheating — minimizing repair
costs — while averting costly accidents and ensuring operator safety.

The robust handheld devices withstand drops of 1 m. A powerful firmware supports display, analysis, and
trending within the device. Up to 4,900 data points can be recorded. The scope of delivery furthermore
includes the Raytek DataTemp® Windows PC software which supports real-time communication and further
data processing. In addition to on-board USB and Bluetooth interfaces, a mobile app allows for comfortable
data storage and sharing. The display can be set to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. The devices are
equipped with a Lithium-ion battery that can be easily recharged and allow an operational cycle of 24 hour.
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