Growing throughout history



In 1933 Bruno Corrada opened a small workshop in Milan where, together with four employees, he started to design and manufacture blanking dies. This was the beginning of a successful story which has made Corrada the global leader in the design and manufacture of blanking dies. A story full of passion, devotion and enthusiasm which today continues to develop on 80 years of experience. Brave and original choices, ingenuity and constancy of Bruno Corrada represent the key elements to develop new technologies and allow an exponential growth.
1950 represented a step change for the company as Corrada replaced steel with carbide throughout the blanking and die sections. This introduced increased wear resistance compared to previous materials.
In 1962 the Company moved to Lainate where today manufacturing is carried out in two buildings with a covered area of 4000 square metres. In 1987 Corrada joined Euro Group becoming its major supplier of dies’.
Being part of this Group has enabled Corrada to be present in 35 countries, exporting more than 60% of its production.

corrada-stampoInnovation, technology and development
Specialising in dies for the production of magnetic laminations and stacks in which Corrada became a global leader, involved many challenges for Corrada, to continuously improve the techniques for manufacturing processes and products.
Innovation, investment and a strong collaboration between departments have enabled Corrada to offer globally, the most advanced high performance dies whilst keeping costs at a minimum and quality at a maximum.

The Company’s strengths are:

  • The Centre of research and development where different applications of the projects are carried out in order to cooperate with customers and optimise the use of every die.
  • The technical office providing software packages to meet every requirement.
  • A dedicated Quality Control department, equipped with 3D machines allowing very accurate measurements even for largest dies.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the demands of the customers and end-users of the market which represent the major reason for manufacturing excellent products in Italy and around the world.

Corrada-logoCorrada and Euro Group, together looking further: Internationalisation
Since 1987 Corrada has been part of Euro Group a world leader in the manufacturing of electrical steel laminations, with production sites in Italy, USA, Mexico, China and Tunisia. These sites cover a total area of 120.000 square metres and process 240.000 tonnes of steel per year.
Thanks to their presence in all these production sites, Euro Group and Corrada are able to provide the major suppliers of electric motors and generators with a range of advanced technologies, across the globe. In 2014, through the opening of the production site of Eurotranciatura USA, in which the Japanese tooling company, Kuroda Precision Industries has a 10% shareholding, Corrada and Euro Group gave birth to a partnership, which will enable the development of synergies thus creating a forum for technical progress and advantages for Euro group customers.
We believe that this allows Euro group “to push technological boundaries and widen its global footprint”.