Forefront laser cutting technologies


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWith a clear a clear overall vision of the new technologies, cutlite penta designs, manufactures and markets a varied cutting-edge range of laser cutting and marking systems consolidated on a global scale thanks to their performance excellence.

Betting on a wide and diversified offer of cutting systems for metal and plastic materials and die boards for the papermaking industry, Cutlite Penta sets the target of consolidating its presence on a strategic market: the technological innovation one. The reliability and the competence that have allowed Cutlite Penta to stand out as protagonist in the Italian market of laser cutting and marking machines, have enabled it to reach outstanding positions also in the international panorama: China, United States and Brazil are some of the Countries that house production, commercial and technical service branches. Thanks to its appurtenance to the EL.EN. Group, Cutlite Penta takes part in the applicative development of CO₂ laser sources that are integral part of the project of its systems, and in 2013 it integrated Ot-las, prestigious brand in the development of CO₂ laser galvanometric systems for marking and decorating endless materials, acquiring the know-how deriving from years of experience.

testa laser CO2FIBRE Laser: Fiber Plus SYSTEMS
In the broad productive offer by Cutlite Penta stands out the family of Fiber Plus systems, machine with laser fibre sources, which represent the highest technological expression of the company and correctly interpret the essential concepts proposed by the fibre laser technology, coupling the efficiency and the efficacy of systems themselves with other tangible advantages: very easy installation and maintenance, space saving, great reliability and high performances deriving from the perfect integration of each component. Fiber Plus systems match high performances, great structural rigidity and high efficiency. The linear motor motion allows very high dynamics (≤2.5G), permitting great productivity also on very complex geometries. Besides, their high performances derive from the design around the fibre laser and do not constitute an adaptation to the fibre of pre-existing machines designed for CO2 lasers. The fibre laser, in fact, freeing the machine from the presence of optical paths, makes useless many accessory elements that CO2 systems requested. Fiber Plus systems integrate the best available solutions: IPG fibre lasers, electrowelded steel bed thermally stabilized and ground, FLYCUT technology that allows cutting very rapidly extra-thin metal sheets (with thicknesses up to 1.5 mm), steel beam with the same thermal coefficient as beds, high efficiency linear motors, array of rare earth magnets, very high resolution optical scales, CNC specifically designed for laser cutting systems (CNC Smart Manager 3.0), automatic piercing systems, capacitive focusing head developed by Cutlite Penta, rapid lens change drawer and tele-service via internet. The product range is completed by the PLUS LM series, purposely designed by Cutlite Penta for the metal cutting with CO2 laser (working range mm 3050×1550, 4050×2050 and 6050×2050). All machines can be equipped with a fully automated pallet change system which allows avoiding expensive time losses during the material loading/unloading operations, and which can be integrated with automation systems for the sheet metal warehouse management. The installable powers are 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000W for fibre lasers and up to 6000W for CO2.

1053 0033D CUTTING: AlfaCube3020
With the innovative 3D Alfacube 3020 laser cutting system, 5-axis laser machine (3 Cartesian and 2 rotary) that represents another feather in the cap of the business technology, Cutlite Penta satisfies the manifold requirements of the sector: extreme flexibility, low operating costs and especially the possibility of rotating the C axis by ± 180°. The latter technological peculiarity allows machining operations also on the inferior part of the piece, thus avoiding further setups: it permits, for instance, to rotate it around the extremity of a tube while keeping it parallel to the X axis, then notably simplifying the reference equipment and avoiding additional setups that are generally very dangerous for the machining precision. The rotation motion is transmitted to the focusing head by means of coaxial shafts. The motors of the rotary axes are fixed and distant from the cutting zone, thus permitting to achieve a head with highly reduced overall dimensions, to the extent of being inserted into very narrow spaces while machining. These characteristics of the C axis, coupled with the presence of a pressurized articulated arm that guides the laser beam inside the axis handling system, assure propagation in protected environment and at constant length, thus granting a high machining quality, because it is free from the problems springing from the variation of the length of the beam itself. Coupling these solutions with EL.EN. sources with slow 1500W flow, which grant a management cheapness resembling fibre sources’ and very high cutting quality, we obtain an ideal system for the implementation of all those components that need accessory machining, no matter whether they are bent, “stamped” or drawn tubes. Besides, AlfaCube 3020 is equipped with Alfa Learning, self-teaching device constituted by a portable computerized console with 8” touch screen for the communication of machining data. At the start up of the system, it is automatically started also the Alfa Learning device that guides in the implementation of a working path or it checks and corrects a working path already stored. It is therefore an indispensable instrument for the implementation of various prototypes.

Dedicated CNC
Fully compatible with any Cutlite Penta product, the powerful CNC Smart Manager 3.0 has been specifically developed to fully exploit the potentialities of state-of-the-art linear motors. Among the CNC dedicated to the laser cutting process, Smart Manager 3.0 offers a variety of innovative and ameliorative solutions always aimed at speeding up and at simplifying the operator’s task, all that maintaining the highest levels of safety and working quality. The new software includes the numerous innovations introduced into the laser technology over the last few years (Fast Piercing, Fast Cutting in big thicknesses etc.) and the interface improves the already remarkable simplicity and immediacy of operations in daily use, facilitating also the most complex cutting scenarios.