Gigant: hydraulic presses with up to 30.000 kN power for cold and hot stamping processes


Gigant builds a family range of hydraulic presses, produced on variable power (from 400 to over 30.000 kN). These machines are characterized by motorized moving bolsters of over 6 meters length, that are provided with stamping and cutting accessories and equipment for the sheet metal’s supply and management. The main application sectors of Gigant hydraulic presses are the following: Automotive, Household, Cookware, Naval and Railway. Each sector requires an integration between the press and the process at a high level, concerning: software, hydraulic system, energy saving and handling. Gigant offers worldwide turnkey solutions. In addition to the traditional cold processes (profound deep-drawing, reverse-deep drawing and cutting) Gigant’s hydraulic presses are also employed for Elasto-forming. That is molds with elastomer and punches that push the rubber that deforms the sheet metal i.e. Al, Ti light alloys and similar and for hydroforming processes, where the sheet metal and tube are plastically deformed by a fluid (oil/water emulsion) at a thousand of bar hydrostatic pressure. Instead, hot stamping processes (Super Plastic Forming or “SPF” and Gas Forming) mean several technics and methods to shape superplastic materials. Gigant Italia designs and realizes oleo-dynamic presses for gas forming or integrates forming control units on existing presses. This is possible due to the research conducted over several years.

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