Tecnolame: the tailor of special bending tools proposes a new variable automatic


Tecnolame, with headquarters at Paderno Dugnano (MI), has been operating in the sheet metal sector for as many as 37 years now, mainly manufacturing 4 core products: shear knives, special tools for press brakes, guides for machine tools and tools for long folding machines. The company avails itself of a machine fleet that reaches a machining performance of 12.5 metres in milling and 7 metres in horizontal spindle grinding. The company’s target is offering quality, short delivery terms and adequate price for each product, trying to satisfy customers’ requirements. Tecnolame stands out especially in the bending ambit. Due to the need of bending big thicknesses, high strength steels or materials with high spring-back, Tecnolame has become a company operating as a tailor, devising special tools and specializing in the production of suitable tools for high tonnages, too. After two years of studies and tests, in 2016 Tecnolame presented a new product: the variable automatic die in the intermediate version with 400 Ton/m of resistance, with variable slot from 16 mm to 256 mm, with 16 mm opening steps. VarioV is managed by the CNC of the press or alternatively also by an external CNC, the motion is controlled by Brushless motors that make it very precise and fast, thus permitting to vary the size from the smallest to the biggest slot in 20 seconds maximum, irrespective of the die length. This results then in a notable time saving in the machine tooling phase. Tecnolame implements the automatic VarioV according to customers’ requirements, from 250 Ton/m to 700 Ton/m of resistance, with lengths that can exceed even 12 metres and also in this case the maximum time of slot change is 20 seconds.