From the concept to the product: Versaroll and Versapallet


Comau has developed VersaRoll and VersaPallet. They are two modular systems that reconfigure the whole productive process, redefining the arrangement and the structure of all body assembly lines. Both plants assure a fast translation of the material through the line, which notably reduces the machine feeding times, and thanks to their standard modularity, can be installed by customers in very short times, reaching the factory already ready for assembly and already tested. In particular, VersaRoll is a closed loop assembly and welding system. An absolute encoder with back-actuated control that allows the high speed transfer of pieces with high positioning precision. VersaPallet can be instead defined as a high-performance «in-line transfer system, based on a geometry tool, «Pallet», used for handling the bodywork along the lines, able to replace the fixed underbody tooling and to grant the machining of various models on the same system.

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