Efficient and silent


tecnogenThe new power generators of the Whisper Cube series and in particular the model PK23 W³ developed by Tecnogen stand out for their compactness and the optimized sizes (195 x 77 x 123 cm) and for the presence of the electrical radiator (instead of mechanic that on the contrary equips standard power generators),for the dual muffler of residential type (to achieve a reduction of the emitted sound level, that’s to say 81.6 Lwa at the source corresponding to about 65.4 db at 1 metre at 75% of the load), for the limit of environmental temperature in terms of viability fixed at around 55°C and for the reduction in the fuel consumption levels (3.6 l/h).

Another strong point concerns the possibility, thanks to an inverter and to a particular sensor, of making the fans turn in variable manner, together with the presence of a soundproof tunnel for the air flow, still in favour of the sound emission reduction. It is worth signalling also the reinforced Base Frame of “heavy duty” type, with extractable tank and increased compared to the standard (180 litres) and, very important logistic datum, the possibility, due to the optimized geometry, of transporting that model up to 36 units in a 40-feet container of high-cube type. The sheet metal walls were painted with the Euroimpianti plant, thus granting aesthetics and surface tightness that permits the installation of the power generator also in aggressive environments.