Fibre composite and light-weight materials at “Experience Composites – powered by JEC” fair


9729-un-studio-premier-compositesThe new fibre composite and light-weight construction trade fair “Experience Composites – powered by JEC” will take place in Augsburg between 21st and 23rd September 2016 for the first time. The creators of the event, Messe Augsburg, the JEC Group and Carbon Composites e.V. are working to showcase composites companies and applications in two halls with around 10,000 m2 and will involve strong exhibitors positioned according to application.

In September 2016, Augsburg and Bavarian-Swabia will be welcoming composites professionals, decision-makers and experts from around the world. This event will bring together large concerns, medium-sized companies, start-ups and potential users of fibre composite materials and, for this reason, emphasis is being placed on application knowledge and innovative impulses. “Experience Composites” will help to further develop the composites industry, research and science, in conjunction with the exhibitors and visitors. Current and new applications, innovations, ideas and pilot projects from the fibre composite world are to be made tangible and experienced, in accordance with the name “Experience Composites”.

The heart of the multiple-location event is the trade fair itself which forms the focal point of the new personal composites experience market place. One hall of the “Experience Composites” is dedicated to fibre composites and light-weight construction added-value. “Value-adding islands” for the manufacturing phase, cross-process sectors (quality management, control, software, IT etc.), the “end of life” phase (recycling, re-use), and the “Science, education, research and consulting” sectors all structure the value-added chain of the composites industry. The second hall will present six “industry showrooms” (machines and system construction, automotive and transport, aviation and space, construction and infrastructure, wind energy and medical technology) in which the exhibits, news, innovations and pilot projects for the key composites B2B sectors are displayed.

Accompanying congresses with national and international speakers will detail the news and opportunities surrounding composite materials. Speakers and presentations from six sectors and from the entire composites process chain will provide information and answers to all the key composites areas in the B2B sector on the basis of the successful “Fachtagung Carbon Composites”. A programme committee led by the “Carbon Composites e.V.“ safeguards the latest knowledge and selects the best contributions for the knowledge, expertise and networking of the “Experience Composites“ branches. Special congresses complete the congress programme. Alexander Gundling, Chief Executive Officer of Carbon Composites e.V.: “In the coming year, we are expanding our Fachtagung Carbon Composites and incorporating it into a very future-oriented, new trade fair format. In conjunction with the Messe Augsburg and the JEC Group, we wish to offer our members, visitors and exhibitors a convention with the best possible value”.

Visitors and exhibitors have the opportunity to complement their visit to the “Experience Composites” further and expand their knowledge. Training sessions regarding thermo-plastic fibre-plastic composites, technical English for composites specialists or innovative material solutions for mechanical engineering are just a part of the selected training programme. A particular highlight is the seminar on Change Management in the use of carbon components.