The e-shop of CNC machining

773 is the first e-shop with real-time online estimate service that offers CNC machining dedicated to various industries. Starting from a CAD 3D model, Weerg manufactures parts and components at competitive prices and with quick turnaround time, for engineering and mechanical applications, automotive, electronics and aerospace industry, for lighting, technology and consumer goods sectors, for the medical instrumentation and much more. Orders are executed with just a few clicks and the customer receives directly, without any additional shipping costs, from a single prototype up to a 250-piece production, with the advantage of a clear price right from the start and reliable delivery times, chosen from 5, 10 and 15 days.

Cutting edge machineries
To confirm its immediate success, one year after its founding, Weerg has doubled its production capacity. The Marghera (VE) production site uses the latest generation of machineries for a total of four Hermle C42U work stations with 234 online tools each, 4 20 Lang Eco-Compact with 20 pallet slots and 2 Mazak Integrex multitasking towers, all with 5 continuous axes and fully robotized.

A wide range of processing
Weerg is able to process a wide variety of metals such as Aluminum 5083-T651 (Peraluman), Aluminum 6082-T651 (Anticorodal), Aluminum 7075-T651 (Ergal), Brass OT58, Copper C101, Bronze CuSn12, to which were recently added the plastic materials white Delrin (POM-C) and Nylon 6 casted + black SoMo. Production excellence goes hand in hand with the utmost care for the service: a team of experts checks the piece designed by the customer and answers any questions through live chat on the website or by telephone. Online there are also practical and quick tutorials and quick guides for choosing the material and the option to activate the “Weerg FreeReplay” service, which with a few euros allows you to re-design the prototypes at no extra cost.
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