Die casting facts’ infographic


European manufacturer of cold chamber high pressure die casting machines Pretransa Die Casting Machines published a die casting infographic to increase the awareness about this industry for the general public.

The infographic intends to stress the importance that die casting has had for the development of our modern life-style. It explains the basics of die casting, starting from its origins and presents the importance it has had for the developing of our industrialized world. It addresses the evolution of the technology used, from the first manually operated devices patented in the 1800’s until the fully automated equipment used nowadays.

According to Germán Lechuga, Sales and Marketing Manager for North America, “die casting is a multi-billion industry across the globe which is fundamental for many other industries and yet it is hardly known outside its circle. The average person comes across dozens of die cast parts in their daily life without even being aware of it. We are trying to change that and give die casting the recognition it deserves”.

“Besides, die casting is an exciting area of the industry to work at. It demands a great deal of specialization and it is always in need of good professionals, especially now, when die casting is expected to grow in the following years in order to help auto-makers to comply with increasingly restrictive environmental regulations, so hopefully this infographic will also help to attract young talents to this vibrant industry”, he concluded.