Diamonds as start point towards a state of the art techonology


For more than 50 years LITD has been manufacturing diamond tools. This production aims at meeting the requirements of an ever larger customers base and provides a wide range of applications. Today LITD faces the challenge of the year 2000 availing itself of a modern organizational structure, that enables to compete in quality with the most established firms in this sector. Production programme is composed of: metal and resin bonded diamond wheels (Metal and resin bonded diamond wheels for sharpening, cutting and grinding of sintered carbides, glass, ceramic materials, resin, stones etc. CBN grinding wheels for sharpening, cutting and grinding of normal, special and hardened steel, stainless steel, special and hardened C.l. Rings, discs, grinding wheels used in automotive, optic and glass industry. Expanding grinders), electroplated division (Diamond and CBN electroplated different tools for machining of pre-sintered carbides, steel, resin, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, ceramic materials, marble and rocks.
Diamond compounds and diamond dusts for surface fine finishing), natural and synthetic diamond tools, hard metal Division, after-sales service.