Design solutions of excellence and customized performance for Aerospace


The electrospindle is the heart of the machine tool, an essential element from which mostly depends its precision and machining ability. Classified according to their construction typology and application field: turning, grinding or milling; for the last one, Omlat offers three basic shapes to assure the installation on any type of machine tool and a smart construction design in order to optimize the spindles for any application.

Omlat’s spindles are made based on customer demands as size, torque, power, speed, tool clamping (HSK, ISO, BT, etc.). Omlat spindles are machined from a single block, this solid structure provides greater stiffness to the metal stress.
The tool change control system is equipped with proximity switches with external recording for quick adjustment / replacement, or analog sensors which give the possibility of adjustments directly from the CNC.
In order to grand maximum reliability, the bearings are of utmost precision.
The electrospindles are equipped with asynchronous or synchronous motors.

The asynchronous motors use lowered magnetic disks with limited dispersion and therefore high performance; the rotor is made of copper or aluminum bars to reduce electric losses while the stator winding is saturated by resins for greater firmness and stability.

The synchronous motors, on the other hand, have permanent magnets inside the rotor which allow to reach higher torque in the same dimensions. High reliability and the advanced technologies applied, brought Omlat to be worldwide leader in the aerospace industry, which requires high performance equipment for machining special materials and alloy. In this field, it’s essential to rely on tailor made solutions studied case by case for specific application required by the customers. Omlat, for more than 75 years, has made of customized electrospindles its core business.