Dassault Systèmes inks a new partnership with Sogeti High Tech


World leader in 3D design software and digital solutions Dassault Systèmes enters into negotiations to sign an additive manufacturing project development and management alliance partnership with Sogeti High Tech, a subsidiary of Capgemini Group dedicated to industrial engineering and technological innovation. The prospective alliance partnership will provide companies in aerospace and defense, energy, transportation and other industries with integrated solutions to explore and implement the use of additive manufacturing in industrial applications.

Sogeti High Tech would leverage Dassault Systèmes’ 3Dexperience platform for additive manufacturing to deliver consulting, engineering services, integration and deployment services to customers worldwide. The 3Dexperience platform for additive manufacturing addresses the end-to-end process of upstream material design, downstream manufacturing processes and testing, to provide a single flow of data for engineering parameters. These parameters include material science, functional specification, generative design, 3D printing optimization, multi-robotic production and certification.

Global companies are increasingly examining the potential of additive manufacturing in their industrial environments to move beyond the making of prototypes and short manufacturing runs with scalable, globally-deployed projects that enhance value creation. Digital continuity linking design, engineering, prototyping, testing and additive manufacturing enables companies to cost-effectively improve product strength, weight, flexibility and performance, to shorten production lead times, and to accelerate the prototyping and R&D design validation process, with quality, repeatability and security at each phase.

“Our forthcoming alliance partnership with Dassault Systèmes will bring a disruptive offering of technologies, knowledge, methods, processes, support, services and workforce training to business needs in the digital manufacturing era,” said Jean-Pierre Petit, CEO, Sogeti High Tech. “By leveraging each company’s core capabilities, we can help customers to integrate the necessary manufacturing requirements from the early stages of design and make additive manufacturing accessible at an industrial level.”

“Digital experience is at the core of the transformation in manufacturing in which companies are taking advantage of emerging machines, materials and processes, and freeing themselves of traditional manufacturing constraints,” said Laurent Blanchard, Executive Vice President, Global Field Operations (Emear), Worldwide Alliances and Services, Dassault Systèmes. “Sogeti High Tech has been a system integration alliance partner of Dassault Systèmes since 2008. Our planned expanded collaboration extends digital solutions to companies looking to experience new performance and innovation milestones. The proposed new alliance partnership would also reinforce Dassault Systèmes’ overall commitment to helping clients digitally transform their business on a global basis through stronger consulting and systems integration alliances.”