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fresa-spianare-spallamento-flangia-ceramica-24084-2347277Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT is presenting new products. Using the motto ‘Your Solution Matters’, the CERATIZIT GROUP will for the first time be presenting all four top-class brands at the leading trade fair for machine tools and metal working: Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT, Tool Solutions by CERATIZIT and Toolmaker Solutions by CERATIZIT.

MaxiDrill 900 now available with a combination of two grades for maximum stress and a wider application range

For situations with challenging machining conditions, the performance of the MaxiDrill 900 system for drilling into solid material has now been significantly improved through the high-performance CVD grade BLACKSTAR (TM) CTCP420 used for the peripheral cutting edge. Thanks to the TiCN/Al2O3 coating the BLACKSTAR (TM) grades are even more wear-resistant under extreme conditions than the standard PVD grade SILVERSTAR (TM) CTPP430. Their excellent characteristics allow for high cutting speeds, making them particularly suitable for machining steel and cast iron materials.

“In practical tests we found that the combination of the two grades leads to substantially longer tool life,” explains Dr Uwe Schleinkofer, head of the development department at Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT. This results in lower production costs since machining and changing tools for drilling operations with insert drills make up a substantial part of the total costs.

Due to numerous customer requests, the MaxiDrill 900 for drilling into solid material is now available for a broader application range with diameters from 12 -13.5 mm up to more than 63 mm (upon request). In its ongoing efforts to optimise customer service, Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT has now also launched an INCH tooling range for MaxiDrill 900.

New milling grades – unique tool life and process security
In 2014 Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT introduced new milling grades for all relevant milling applications with inserts and all common materials in the ISO P-M-K range. Now the top-class cutting tools brand is extending the portfolio once again by adding high-end performance milling grades. The new SILVERSTAR (TM) CTPP225 and BLACKSTAR (TM) CTCP220 inserts are provided with a special coating structure which ensures an extremely hard surface. The finishing operation, which is carried out using the latest technology, makes the surface particularly smooth. This reduces both the friction between the chip and rake face as well as the cutting pressure. The increased toughness of the carbide substrate also decreases wear on the milling tool, leading to longer tool life.

“We are proud of the fact that we have once again been able to demonstrate our in-depth know-how in powder metallurgy. Accurate process control not only during the manufacturing of the coating structure but also during the finishing process makes for increased efficiency when machining the components. All that combined with maximum reliability,” adds Schleinkofer. The new milling grades which show significantly more wear resistance during steel machining, will be available from autumn 2015.

High-performance also for parting and grooving of steel and cast iron materials
COLORSTAR (TM) CTCP325 is the name of the new high-performance ISO-P25/K30 grade for steel and cast iron machining from Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT. Applying a new coating technology as well as an adapted finishing process, both coating adhesion and stability of the cutting edges of this grade have been significantly increased. This leads to optimised wear resistance and toughness and a wide range of parting and grooving applications. The combination of highly modern high-performance substrates and innovative coating structure makes high cutting speeds and improved process security possible. A proven performance increase of up to 80 % due to this new coating technology offers operators clear advantages by reducing overall process costs.

Simple and well-structured: the CERATIZIT grade universeThe carbide grades BLACKSTAR (TM) CTCP420 for drilling, SILVERSTAR (TM) CTPP225 and BLACKSTAR (TM) CTCP220 for milling as well as COLORSTAR (TM) CTCP325 for parting and grooving, once again extend and improve the new well-structured CERATIZIT grade universe. Each grade is easily recognisable by the colour of its coating and shows its strengths in the machining of specific materials and applications. BLACKSTAR (TM) is synonymous with maximum wear resistance, SILVERSTAR (TM) with the best cutting performance and COLORSTAR (TM) is characterised by excellent wear resistance and toughness.

Four top-class brands for intensive dialogue and convincing solutions
The CERATIZIT GROUP today comprises four top-class brands. Since autumn 2014 customers have received innovative tools and solutions for the cutting tool sector from Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT and Tool Solutions by CERATIZIT. In May 2015, Toolmaker Solutions by CERATIZIT presented for the first time products for tool manufacturers. For industrial wear protection, Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT provides carbide and ceramic components for industry-specific applications, for example tools for metal forming.

“The new brand architecture represents a fundamental element of our marketing and growth strategy,” explains Thierry Wolter, member of the CERATIZIT Executive Board. “In this way we concentrate our technological competence even better on the respective sectors and applications and offer our customers several ‘gateways’ to access our products.” The trade fair motto ‘Your Solution Matters’ underlines the focus CERATIZIT places on achieving the best solutions for and with the customer.