An innovative method for fast tool-free production


bosch-rexroth-3dCustomised cast cores made with 3D printers helps Bosch Rexroth to successfully reduce foundry delivery times and costs for individual castings and small series.

The tool-less production of components with the casting process is the most economical method in many cases. The most time-consuming and expensive step in the core shooting process has been the production of a negative mould of sand. Individual tools are traditionally made to give the sand form in a complex process. Thus, the method calculates only at higher volumes.

With two 3D printers, the shape and casting technology from Bosch Rexroth in Lohr, Germany simplifies this crucial step. “We are focused on providing our customers with a measurable technological advantage,” says Florian Müller, commercial director of the foundry. Customers only send the CAD data of the desired component and the 3D printer finishes it after using the additive principle in the  corresponding sand core or mould in complex geometries. Data can also be generated by these optical measuring systems. This eliminates the development and production of individual tools for mould making. It also reduces the costs for prototypes and small series and greatly shortens the processing time of the arrival of CAD data set to the finished moulded product. “Many of our customers are already convinced of the benefits of this innovative method for fast tool-free production,” says Florian Mueller.