Audentes fortuna iuvat


by Stefano Colletta

Latins, founder fathers of the Italian culture, appear innovative in managing critical situations, already two thousandth years ago. “Fate favours daring people” is the meaning of the expression used by the poet Virgilio, and it is an exhortation to be willing and brave, while dealing with whatever event, even the most terrible and unpredictable, because destiny, “fate” always supports those who are able to take risks. And what better opportunity to use this saying than the historical time that we are living? After a 2013-year in which the international economic growth has fundamentally slowed down almost worldwide in comparison with 2012; in which last year developed economies achieved +1.3% versus +1.4 in 2012; where the rising ones decrease even more, dropping from 5% in 2012 to 4.7% in 2013; in which the prices of raw materials diminished despite the duration of geo-political tensions, in Syria as in Turkey and in Crimea, obviously with different shades and tones; in which inflation decreased in the examined year due to the persistent weakness of the international demand; in 2014, already since the first semester, we have been expecting a gradual recovery of the world economic growth. Both will grow, the mature ones (the European one is certain mature, and even more the Italian one), and the rising ones will grow, too. In comparison with the latter, China, Russia, Turkey and Brazil are the already acknowledged rising nations, with growth trends of absolute relevance. Besides these economies, we find anyway Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and, last but not least, United Arab Emirates. Metal shaping and transforming masters, able to give added value to a bent, cut, punched and painted sheet metal, these “rising” Countries long for, with substantial trepidation, our machines, our plants and our technology. With respect, we go and conquer market shares in these areas. Welcome is then the release of the political agreements between EU and GCC, which will make the exchange of goods and services between these two macro areas freer. Agreements unchanged for too long time, by now. After all, this macro area, in terms of investments for a Country like Italy, means +50% in 2013 in comparison with 2012 for the transports exported by Italy, + 41.2% in technologies, without considering the excellent performances of the other primary sectors of our economy. The new boom of this “territory” is driven by the will of realizing their dream, that’s to say being the most luxury, complete and well organized business hub all over the world, if possible already starting from 2020, Expo year. Their dream cannot become true without our products, our machines, our plants, our skilfulness and quality in the engineering design, at all levels. Then, audentes fortuna iuvat! What do you think?

Stefano Colletta is technical director of Subfornitura News published by Tecniche Nuove and
General manager of NewExplora srl.