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App for foundry by Synchro ERP


apps-for-foundryThere’s an app for everything… and even for foundry! Cast Metal Industry sofware producer Synchro ERP will be ramping up an app for Android and Apple tablets that will allow foundries, in real time, to enter information accurately into the software system. The data entry will not just be limited to production and scrap, but will also be expanded to other areas of the foundry operations such as material receipts, time collection, outside service receipts, and much more. So foundry management is mobile!

For foundry leaders is always difficult to understand the reason why inventory is incorrect, production numbers are never correct, scrap is so high, scheduling the operations is next to impossible, and customer orders are never on time, and the on-time delivery performance is pitiful. Many global metal casters indeed don’t use the latest tools of the trade. A computer system can replace manually written paper documents and offer so many improvements in the production flow. At the end of the day, the profit and loss of any foundry is measured by what happens not in the front office, but on the foundry floor.

Having control of the foundry operations is vital to the long-term profitability of a foundry. However, to have control of the operations, the foundry management must have an accurate picture of what is really happening and why it is happening. The leaders of the foundry must be able to climb to the highest point in the foundry, survey the scene, and make good decisions on what they see. With the Synchro ERP software, the leaders and managers of the foundry can truly visualise and, more importantly, understand how all of the operations fit together. After a deep analysis of their operations, the management could decide to throw out the paper and get an app!