An electric car made with a 3D printer


streetscooter-c16Electric vehicle manufacturer StreetScooter recently completed its first roptotype electric car made with a 3D printer: most of the exterior components were created using a Stratasys Objet1000 3D Production System.

The 3D-printed parts of the car include its front and back panels, door panels, bumper systems, side skirts, wheel arches and lamp masks, along with some smaller interior items.

Although many parts of the production version of the C16 will be built using more conventional methods, the 3D printing approach allowed the prototype to be constructed inexpensively, and within just 12 months. That said, it’s reportedly still able to “perform in strenuous testing environments to the same level as a vehicle made of traditionally manufactured parts.”

The Objet1000 (seen above) is reportedly the world’s largest multi-material 3D printer, letting StreetScooter produce ABS parts up to one meter (3.3 ft) in length. It’s the same printer that KOR EcoLogic used to manufacture its Urbee.

An Aachen University spinoff company, StreetScooter already manufactures a small delivery truck that’s used by Deutsche Post. Not many details are available on the C16, although the final version will reportedly weigh about 450 kg (992 lb) plus battery, it will have a minimum range of 100 km (62 miles), a top speed of 100 km/h and a price tag somewhere below €10,000 (US$12,550).