A new series of long stroke pneumatic grippers for robots


omasThe OMPP 802 has 80mm bore, and is available in three variations depending on clamping stroke: 100mm, 200mm and 400mm. It’s the perfect choice when you need to handle and clamp voluminous pieces. Thanks to its low weight and to its clamping force due to the integrated double cylinder, this gripper is generally used as end effector on robots in applications where it’s needed a safe clamping of unwieldy parts such as car or truck wheels. The clamping blocks, supported by a rail guidance with roller bearing system, and the rack and pinion kinematics, make this long stroke gripper precise and reliable, and guarantee a linear thrust througout the stroke of the fingers. The groove on the extruded profile gives various options for the selection of the sensors (proximity, analog resolver). Optionally are available various accessories: clamping fingers (custom made), interface flanges to mount the gripper on all robot models.