2017 TSA Robotics Competition


It’s the wave of the future. Almost every valley middle and high school, even some elementary schools, are getting into robotics these days. Competition can be fierce, to say the least.

This is the annual TSA Robotics Competition. Most of our middle schools and elementary schools are here participating in a district event. That is, it is basically a qualifier for a larger event with the students competing with students from all over the valley.

Every campus in the district has a robotics club at the elementary and middle school level. They work on their projects on Saturdays. They have a specific challenge that they’re preparing for. The kids work together in small teams. They learn to build, design, and program robots to do certain tasks.

A lot of thoughts occur to the students at times. What we’re doing here is putting them in a situation where they can apply that sort of thing and be a problem solver and be successful at it.