Weerg launches e-commerce in English


Weerg has opened the e-shop in English language. The first e-commerce, that offers online CNC manufacturing with free budgeting in real-time, with the new platform in English language weerg.com expand its own frontiers to whole European markets and beyond.

“The internationalization strategy have always belongs to our developing plan.– explains Matteo Rigamonti, Weerg founder – But it has been further speeded-up by many foreign customers that had already made orders despite the web were only available in Italian, overcoming the linguistic barrier. We have registered requests from France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain and access also from users from East Europe. The English e-commerce launch is designed to facilitate the purchase from worldwide users. Besides, we will be able to monitor the markets that shows greatest potential, to plan the development of localization strategies with e-shop, customer care and dedicated services “.

Weerg.com is based on the most recent e-shop release, developed also thanks to the users’ feedback and analysis effectuated carried out through special web marketing tools. Based on these indications the Weerg engineers have redesigned the homepage, making it shorter, immediate and user friendly, and optimized some pages. To make the user experience more and more in line with the needs of professional users, Weerg is also optimizing the online quoting system. Asset exclusive e-shop, this service will soon have a new version that will offer a more objective evaluation of the project. It will, in fact, able to recognize with greater precision the characteristics of the piece to the quotation request to make the estimate increasingly corresponding to the final price.

“The mission of Weerg is to bring simplicity, quality and punctuality in the mechanical sector, combining the added value of tradition made in Italy, recognized throughout the world, the benefits of a service based purely on e-commerce. – Continues Rigamonti – Choice of delivery times, maximum transparency, free project analysis and attention to detail, are the assets of our business model. A unique approach that in a short time has a large loyal customer base in Italy and which we are sure will be able to register the same success abroad”.

Simple to use, the weerg.com platform it makes available to users of different industries sectors all the advantages of the e-commerce by offering pieces at competitive costs, quickly and with the highest quality results. Just send via web the design in 3D CAD format and the calculation of the estimate is provided in real time. After parsing the file it is processed the request and the order is immediately put into production. It can take from a single prototype to production up to 250 pieces, for delivery in 5, 10 or 15 days.