TRUMPF introduces new image processing software for laser units


TLD_0414TRUMPF has developed the new image processing software VisionLine Mark for the laser units in the TruMark Series 3000, 5000 and 6000. The software has two new functions that make marking with a TRUMPF laser even easier and, above all, faster: Autofocus and Traceability.

The Autofocus function automatically determines the right working distance for components with varying marking planes. The software determines the exact position on the surface of the part and, in response, the Z axis automatically moves to the marking position. This eliminates the need for elaborate set-up work and costly fixtures. Productivity rises at the same time and there are fewer rejects.TLD_0065

The Traceability function supports users in part identification and tracing. VisionLine Mark extracts information from a database, for instance, converts that data into a 2D code such as the data matrix or QR code, and then marks the component. Immediately after the marking process, a camera reads out the code thus generated and applied to the part. Here the software can also make a comparison between the specified and actual situations. The Traceability function also ensures that the marked code is actually legible and that the contents concur with the input information.