The specialist in durable machines

Shears mod. CO 306 by g.a.d.e.
Shears mod. CO 306 by g.a.d.e.

The thirty-year experience and the collaboration with an important research laboratory are the strong points of the Emilian g.a.d.e, able to supply sturdy , reliable and environment-friendly machines, suitable also for the heaviest tasks.

g.a.d.e. started its activity in 1980 with the production of small hydraulic press brakes for sheet metal working industries. Afterwards, thanks to the success obtained in the machine tool sector and to the increasing appreciation expressed by the market for its sturdy and reliable machines, it widens its activity sectors, including the design, production, marketing and after sale service of hydraulic synchronised press brakes, electric press brakes and hydraulic guillotine shears, constantly developing up to reaching the present sizes. The manufacturing philosophy starts from the awareness of a great experience that is put at customers’ disposal under the form of continuous and innovative technological improvements of products. This happens also thanks to a recent and fruitful collaboration between g.a.d.e. and MechLav – Laboratory for advanced engineering, company of the Engineering Department of Ferrara University.

Focused on reliability
Guillotine shears, with the “ERGOLINE” series, are characterized by their user friendliness and reliability in time, while the production of electronic synchronized press brakes is the synthesis of the long-term business experience at customers’ service. They have been completed, in more recent times, also by the implementation of electric press brakes, which prove to be a high level product in the ambit of the very few world manufacturers of electrical hoist press brakes. All the products are fully manufactured inside the Ferrara factory, and each machine of new production is equipped with a range of accessories compliant with customers’ specific requests. The components of the machines manufactured by g.a.d.e. are suitably sized to be used notably under their performances, thus granting the highest reliability and the longest service life in time. As a matter of fact, all presses and shears couple a sturdy electrowelded steel structure machined with utmost precision with the safety granted by the hydraulic and/or electrical operation that prevents any failure caused by machine overloads. The completeness of the range, in terms of sizes and configurations, allows the use of the machines both by companies with small and medium workloads and inside big industrial centres with bigger work volumes. Therefore, end-users choose those products both for the technological specificity and for the precise requirement identification, as well as for the quality of the implemented product.

Press brake Mod. PS-C 3160 by g.a.d.e.
Press brake Mod. PS-C 3160 by g.a.d.e.

“Praecisa”, the machine that never gives up
The press brakes of the series PRAECISA undoubtedly rank among the sturdiest machines on the market, not subjected to deformations even in case of uses beyond the allowed limits. The monolithic structure, within the dimensional limits permitted by the transport on trucks, is made with high-quality sheets, electrically welded and machined on big-size moving column boring machines. Besides the sturdy structure, the reliability of the press brakes of the PRAECISA series is granted by the very high quality of all the components used for the construction, chosen among the best national and European firms. The bending lengths of this series of machines range from 1600 to 10200 mm with bending power from 400 to 11000 kN. The controls are managed by NC with colour graphics from 4 to 10 axes. The press brakes are always supplied with adjustable intermediaries and with hardened and sector ground tools (PROMECAM system). The machines can be customized upon customers’ demands to satisfy even very complex requirements. Among the numerous accessories that can be installed on our press brakes it is worth reminding the extended cylinder stroke, CNC touch screen; Software for the active crowning management equipped with material database; angle control with DATA M camera system; inverter energy saving system. The latter mainly allows achieving higher energy saving of the machine and, at the same time, enhancing the performances of g.a.d.e. press brake, while granting shorter production times.

Electrical press brake with active hydraulic crowning with power unit conceived for the highest energy saving by g.a.d.e.
Electrical press brake with active hydraulic crowning with power unit conceived for the highest energy saving by g.a.d.e.

Electrical press brakes with hydraulic crowning
Concerning instead the electrical press brakes, this machine typology exploits the electrical hoist principle moving the tool holder by means of high resistance drive belts. Depending on the power of the motors and on the number of belt gears, it is possible to obtain machines with much higher working force than that of electrical press brakes using ball screws or roller bearings (manufactured until now). The arrangement of several idle pulleys along the length of the tool holder grants the almost total absence of deflections, in the central part, even if the machine undergoes overloads.
This, however, does not apply for the lower beam that, resting on the extremities like a beam, might be subjected to deflections in the central part in case of overloads. g.a.d.e. has made even more and, to grant the best bending precision to its customers, has created the first electrical press brake with active hydraulic crowning, with power unit conceived for the highest energy saving. To achieve this result, the electrical motor of the hydraulic group, managed by the machine NC, remains in operation only for the strictly necessary time to activate the crowning. Among the other characteristics that make the press brake by g.a.d.e. flexible and performing, it is worth mentioning the great operation silence and the use in the sliding guides of cutting-edge high-tech material, which needs no lubrication also for long operation periods. This press brake typology is offered by g.a.d.e. with bending lengths from 1600 to 4100 mm. Bending powers from 400 to 2200 kN. NC controls with colour graphics from 6 to 10 axes. The press brakes are always supplied with adjustable intermediaries with pneumatic locking of the punch and hardened and sector ground tools (PROMECAM system), besides a very broad range of accessories, like for instance the pneumatic die locking; the complete WILA equipment; the die table performing the pressing, the pneumatically driven opening managed by computer and the CNC touch screen. In addition to all that, the rich array of tools supplied as standard on all machines can be further customized by a large range of options, to further speed up and to facilitate operators’ work.

Efficiency, service and international vision
g.a.d.e. operates on the whole national territory through a net of concessionary representatives that can grant any commercial intervention with timeliness and efficiency. Over the last few years the company is looking with ever increasing interest at foreign markets through its personnel and dealers and also specializing in the production of machines according to the very severe regulations imposed by the North-American market. g.a.d.e. customers are mainly resellers of machine tools, small and medium enterprises but also big organizations. Our company can export and offer support, directly or through its skilled sale network, in all European Countries, USA, Canada and Mexico. Finally, it is worth underlining that g.a.d.e. has certified its quality system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulation and its environmental management system in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 regulation through the certifying body TǗV Italia.