The new event for 3d printing



FOTO6The use of 3D printing is beginning a real revolution: the production systems known until today are exploring new potentialities about the personalization and realization of single and unique pieces, satisfying any necessity. A revolution that is not only industrial and that involves artisans, planners, architects, engineers, designers, inventors, who until yesterday had a problem: the realization of expensive and demanding models and prototypes.
3DPrint Hub is an international appointment to identify trends and development of 3D printing. The event will be divided into itinerant parts and will take place at the same time of some B2B trade shows, that are already established, in order to examine in depth the subjects of 3D printing in vertical production sectors:

  • 3DPrint Hub Parma, 27th – 29th March 2014 – at the same time of MECSPE – the trade show dedicated to the innovative technologies for the manufacturing industry;
  • 3DPrint Hub Bologna, 21st – 24th May 2014 – at the same time of Exposanità – the trade show at the service of the healthcare;
  • 3DPrint Hub Bari, 20th – 22nd November 2014 – at the same time of Sistema – Edificio-Impianto – the event dedicated to construction industry, systems and territory.

2015 will be the year of 3DPrint Hub Milano, an International-level cross-event addressed to the development of new production sectors and services connected to 3D printing. Information, training and business development are the goals that we want to reach with 3DPrint Hub: a real collection and sorting centre between the operators of demand and offer. Through an innovative format, 3DPrint Hub foresees flexible and dynamic participation forms that involve producers of machines, materials, software and accessories, opinion leaders, makers together in order to contribute to the growth of 3D printing and digital production.