The benefits of stainless steel appliances


Stainless steel appliances are making their way into the kitchen in many ways: cooking surfaces, ovens and refrigerators, but also dishwashers and washing machines. The reasons for this can be found in the many benefits provided by this material, not the least of which is the resistance to corrosion: this ability is due to the presence of chrome which, combined with the oxygen in the air or water, is able to passivate itself, in other words cover itself with a layer of thin and adherent oxides that protect the underlying metal from the action of external stain.

Stainless steel is also easy to clean: the best performance in terms of hygiene is guaranteed by AISI 304 18/10, the most commonly used type of steel for appliances. Aesthetics are another strong point of stainless steel appliances: since they go well together with various type and colour materials, they blend perfectly both in traditional and modern kitchens. Large companies all over the world use Viganò International cutting and flattening lines: these guarantee maximum quality in the stainless steel processing used in appliances and other products.