Taiwan’s HIWIN Technologies expands business in Europe


Taiwan’s HIWIN Technologies CorpTaiwan’s HIWIN Technologies Corp. is presenting in Italy its new Smart Ballscrews and a Linear Guideway, and shipments of this system package are expected to begin during the second half of next year. HIWIN is also plannning purchase European machine tool manufacturers.

This Smart Ballscrews and Linear Guideways package can use cloud and smartphones for remote monitoring in order to control vibration, hydraulic pressure, temperature increases, and lubricants control equipment and meet Industry 4.0 requirements. This equipment took six years of development as a collaboration between HIWIN, National Tsing Hua University, and National Sun Yat Sen University in Taiwan.

In order to further enhance performance, HIWIN is collaborating with Taiwan’s National Chip Implementation Center to research and develop Smart Ballscrews and Linear Guideways, and it is estimated that they will be completely developed next year.

In addition to developing new products, HIWIN is also continuing to expand its business scope. HIWIN Chairman Zhuo Yung-cai stated that HIWIN is entering the machine tool market by making purchasing acquisitions, and they are currently discussing merger plans with European machine tool manufacturers.