Tailored know-how at the service of automotive


Over the last few years become an outstanding opportunity also for the automotive sector, Bluergo develops and manufactures coils for gas injectors, solenoid valves, stators, antennas and magnetic sensors but it can represent also a skilled partner, a “problem solver” company supplying complete packages and suiting its customers’ specific requirements.




Bluergo is specialized in the design and manufacturing of electromagnetic and electronic components. Thanks to the experience gained in over thirty years of activity in the enamelled wire world, it operates in various sectors and can offer catalogue or tailored products, with a highly competitive quality-price ratio. Structured with a factory in Italy, in Castelfranco Veneto, close to Treviso, and one in Slovakia, in Rimavska Sobota, ideal barycentric locations for higher reactivity and better logistics, the company intends to represent a qualified partner, able to design, to develop and to implement original solutions upon customers’ demand, in compliance with the most severe qualitative standards. Appreciated on a world scale for its tachometer coils for the motors of washing machines and dishwashers, for its pump stators and over-moulded coils, during last years Bluergo is becoming an important reference company also for the automotive industry. Thanks to its efficient and flexible structure, it can offer cutting-edge technological solutions at competitive costs also in this sector, a growing market that today absorbs over 20% of its production.


From the wire to the finished product

The copper wire winding has always represented the company’s core business. Bluergo, however, thanks to the constant focus strongly oriented to research and innovation, has completed it with systems for assembling, shearing, welding and moulding of polymers, enabling the supply of a complete product meeting customers’ requirements. Therefore, the company has specialized in the most refined techniques of coil over-moulding as well as in the engineering of moulds and equipment for volume-manufacturing and testing.

In this context, the differentiating element for Bluergo is the capability of representing not only a mere winding supplier but a real qualified partner, a “problem solver” company able to supply complete packages, suiting its customers’ needs: from the technical feasibility analysis to the co-design and virtual prototyping activity, from the fast-sampling of samples to the design and implementation of facilities for mass-production. Bluergo’s know-how and experience represent an important resource at disposal of all partners for the qualitative improvement and the technological evolution of products, including mass-produced ones.

The company’s R&D, in fact, is at disposal of all customers to perform the product development at best, taking care of each single job order from the initial design and prototyping phase until the definitive production certification. A competent and organized reality able to propose innovative engineering solutions, also through a “make or buy” analysis if customers are researching cost efficiency in already mass-produced items.