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Digital factory: future is now

Digitalization, virtualization and automation. The digital factory’s target consists in achieving a complete planning, a constant assessment and improvement of all essential structures, processes and resources of a real factory. Digital factory instruments,…


Machines communicate by using infrared light

A distinguishing feature of industry 4.0 is the large amount of data generated when production processes are linked. Previously, data streams were sent primarily by cable, but this method is cumbersome when used…

Creating the Industrial Data Space

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is developing “the Industrial Data Space”, a data space available to industry all over the world. Access and usage of the Industrial Data Space will be safeguarded by a set of uniform standards….

New impulses at MSV 2015 industry meeting

The 2015 edition of traditional industry meeting MSV is going to be accompanied by special projects focusing on environmental technologies, transport and logistics. Cities and regions will begin to offer industrial sites and…

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