Stampings for the automotive industry with Zani


Primary manufacturer in the United Kingdom of presswork/stampings and welded assemblies, in its five manufacturing sites in Birmingham, Sertec Group produces over three million sheet metal components a week from aluminium and steel. Key supplier of leader automotive companies, it scored a significant growth in the last eight years, with a turnover grown from 40 million pounds in 2008 to almost 200 millions last year. Results enabled also by the constant investments in technology made in its plants. Concerning this, the beginning of next year should coincide with the completion of a new press department in the productive site at Coleshill (in the outskirts of Birmingham), where are installed as many as 12 machines designed and manufactured by the Italian producer Zani too. They are presses belonging to the Motion Master range, with LINK MOTION kinematic duly modified for slow down, with selected powers from a minimum of 250 to a maximum of 800 tons, which allow improving the manufacturing capacity and the quality of structural presswork and stampings of automotive components. The new machines can in fact work mild steel and aluminium, in thicknesses included between 1 and 4 mm. Characterized by very low noise levels, thanks to a better stroke control, these presses, to achieve a better process efficiency, can be connected also with the MRP management system (whose installation, providing for the press connection with welding cells, is planned by Sertec within the next biennium), besides providing remote diagnostics. This important investment in technology (including also the entire transfer and automation part) will further facilitate the constant expansion of the Group to support the development of leader automotive brands, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Range Rover, Scania, Ford, GKN, Daimler, Denso and Volvo, besides offering an even more competitive service to OEM customers (still operating in the automotive industry) spread in all Europe.

High added-value presswork
Already present in Sertec factories with a 250-ton press since 1999, with this new supply Zani adds a further piece to its strong international propensity, with over 5,000 presses installed in over 60 years of activity in the 5 continents (of which 700 still operating today). Always committed to the design and manufacturing of machines matching innovation, flexibility and performances, the company, today managed by the third generation of Zaffaroni family, has always kept pace in its sector. This thanks to a constant technological growth, continuous investments that have allowed it to implement high added-value stamping solutions, able to provide an important competitive edge to end users. Highlights mirrored by a product range that today includes machines belonging to the Servo Master range (eccentric or knuckle-joint kinematic presses with servo motors, power from 100 to 3,200 tons, bolsters up to 7 m, in versions with 1-2-4 connecting rods, fixed or adjustable strokes up to 800 mm, working speed up to 200 SPM), to the Power Master line (eccentric kinematic presses, power from 100 to 2,000 tons, bolsters up to 7 m, in versions with 1-2-4 connecting rods, fixed or adjustable strokes up to 600 mm, maximum working speed of 200 SPM), and machines of the Motion Master line, like those purchased by Sertec Group (presses with modified LINK MOTION kinematic for slow down, power from 100 to 3,000 tons, bolsters up to 7 m, 1-2-4 connecting rods, fixed or adjustable strokes up to 800 mm, maximum working speed of 200 SPM). They are completed also by the presses of the Hipro Master line, with eccentric kinematic, dynamic balance and plungers, able to deliver a power from 100 to 300 tons, with bolsters reaching 2 m, 2 connecting rods and maximum working speed of 300 SPM.